Terms and conditions

Travus Pal:
In all kinds of businesses the customers needs is the number one priority. Sky Air company has been able to offer it's customers the best (program) called Travus Pal. This offer is to repay our appreciation to our loyal customers and help them benifit the most.

What is Travus Pal?
You can collect points through buying our products from Sky Airs sales points. Sky Airs products are plane tickets, hotel reservations, group tours(packages), acquiring visas, etc..

When buying our products, you can collect points and use them for later purchases as discounts. This is an award from Sky Air for our customers to show our appreciation.

In every transaction you will get %10 of the amount you paid as points. For example you buy a product for $100 USD, you will get 10 points from that transaction.

How does Travus Pal works?
Sky Air prepaired Travus Pal In the easiest way possible for it's loyal customers:

When a customer buys a product they get a Travus Pal card as a gift and they collect points to use them in later purchases. When you have the Travus Pal card, the next time you purchase from Sky Air just by showing your card you can use your accumulated points to get great discounts on your purchase.

Travus Pal has different offers to help customers accumulate more points and get greater discounts, such as:

  1. Customer gets points in Travus Pal program after every purchase.
  2. If you refer another customer to participate in Travus Pal program, you will get 20 points.
  3. Family and friends can use your card, and you will get the points.
  4. You will get 50 points as a gift from us for your birthday
  5. Every customer who accumulates more than five thousand (5000) points will enter the competition to win a valuable gift from Sky Air.